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       Janurary 24 2017

 A Country Divided


Trump, Donald Trump, Donald, President

         Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re sure that everyone’s been seeing all of the hoopla in response to America’s new President, Donald Trump. (Please understand that we use the term very lightly.) From world-wide protests to celebrity anti-Trump speeches, there has been so much outward disdain towards the new president. Donald Trump is known for his outspoken but more overly insulting mannerism and choice of words, his racists and sexist remarks,  mocking the disabled and getting away with not paying his taxes just to name a few. He is a conservative who’s priority is to force Mexico to pay for a wall to be built to keep immigrants from entering America, while mind you, Mexico has already stated that they are NOT paying for the wall.  Let’s not forget Trump referred to Mexicans as rapists. We suppose insulting an entire race of people and then forcing them to pay for something that they want no part in is a sure fire why to get elected in this country? Anyhow, the nation has been up in arms these following weeks.

     Not only has Trump been under attack, but so as anyone who has decidedly to publicly associate with him such as rapper Kanye West, singer Chrisette Michele and personality Steve Harvey. Of course there are your die hard Trump supporters. That’s where the division comes in. Regardless of how immoral and unqualified for the presidency Trump appears to be, there are just going to be some who support him anyway. The sad part about it, is that I whole heartedly believe that the majority of people who do support him only do so because of political affiliation. Political parties are the worst because they do nothing but separate the nation by race and financial class. People will argue the opposite and say that they affiliate with their political party because of the political party’s platforms. However; most of the platforms and beliefs held by political parties are just based upon race and social and financial status. Either way you swing it, this country is screwed for the next four years.        

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